6 Tips On Purchasing A Concealment Shoulder Holster

The type of concealment shoulder holsters people buy is based on their individual preferences. If you plan on purchasing one soon, consider the content below to get more insight about appropriate information to know before buying one. You do not need to be in the military to get a shoulder holster; people get it to conceal their self-defense handgun.

The most common holster type is hand and shoulder holsters; both are alike in function and add a degree of beauty to the individual who holds them. You can get in touch with the closest arms store near you to get a holster that perfectly suits your body.

What is a holster?

After purchasing an arm, you might be worried about how to keep it away from children for safety reasons. Buy a holster today, and you won’t need to worry about holding a gun in your hand every time. An item that helps to restrict unwanted movement of your handgun is known as a holster. It can be either on the shoulder or waistband.

Most security operatives in the United States always have a strap over their shoulder holster to make it difficult for anyone to pull or fall off. With the help of a holster, you can easily conceal your arm, run after criminal(s) and perform your security duties.

Standard Shoulder holsters in 2021

If you plan on purchasing an arm soon, you can consider the following trendy shoulder holster below as your choice;

  • Galco Miami Classic

People love this design because it perfectly fits the body and has fine leather. It makes the arms owner look like a secret agent; you can give it a trial. With the Galco Miami Classic, you don’t need to worry about belt loops because it has wraps that perfectly hold your arm. After wearing the holster, it has options for enough space as the muzzle points downward. The gun magazines are also close to the gun for easy accessibility.

  • UTG shoulder holster

Most UTG shoulder holsters are generally black. Customer reviews have shown that this holster is relatively cheap compared to others. UTG shoulder holster comprises plastic buckles and polyester, unlike other brands that encompass leather and other materials. If you are new to holster and want to train yourself on shooting, consider this holster type. You can easily switch the buckles with the double magazine pouch. The straps are adjustable to create more fitness on the body.

  • Aikate shoulder holster

Aikate shoulder holster makes you look discreet with no appearance of an arm on your body. If you own a gun and plan to buy a shoulder holster soon, consider this type. A large percentage of users have confirmed that it is large, flexible, and suitable for low profile. It has just one single strap, which is elastic around the ribcage. Because it is one-handed, you can select either the right or left side configuration. There are no options for magazine pouches, so they can not be easily seen on the body.

  • Aker 101 holster

If you want a holster with enough features at a considerable price; Aker 101 holster is the best for you. It is an open-ended holster with fitted leather without belt loops.  In addition, it has enough magazine pouch space to secure different sizes of magazines. Another essential feature is it has an adjustable strap to fit your body irrespective of your size.

  • Federal shoulder holster

For those that prefer carrying a revolver or other large weapons, this is the perfect choice for you. The federal Aker shoulder holster is without concealment, thereby making your gun accessible and very easy to pull. In addition, the vertical orientation of this holster is for large firearms that might not fit into traditional holsters.

It also has a large shoulder strap, which serves as a support for the heavy handgun. If you want a holster that is easy to clean, durable, and can carry heavy firearms, go to the nearest gun store and purchase a federal shoulder holster.

Tips on purchasing the right concealment shoulder holster

To get a durable and quality shoulder holster in your neighborhood, follow the following information;

  1. Consider the holster’s position

Before buying the holster of your choice, be sure that you can easily conceal and pull your weapon when required. Hostlers have different orientations, which affect the position of the gun. Based on your weapon preference or experience, you can choose either the horizontal or vertical holsters position. Upright posts are for large handguns, and this is common among security operatives. The horizontal holster position is the simple opposite of the previous mention. It is used for smaller weapons and points the handgun away from the wearer’s body to avoid misfire.

  1. Wearer’s comfort

Because you have a handgun on you does not imply you should discomfort yourself. There are several holster types which are affordable with quality material. When buying any shoulder holster, ensure it fits when on your body with no accident risk. Some users have complained of discomfort whenever they put on their shoulder holster. You can test the holster you plan to buy on your body to notice any tightness or pain.

  1. Gun fitness in the holster

Make sure the gun perfectly fits the holster you are planning to purchase. After checking the fitness, ensure the firearm is easily accessible to your reach when needed. Do not buy a shoulder holster you will have to struggle with when you want to pull your gun. Some holster brands can suit any design of small weapon; why not place an order for a sample if you plan to purchase a gun soon. You can also carry your weapon to the place you want to buy the holster and confirm if it perfectly fits.

  1. Retention or cover top

A good holster should have a cover top that helps hold the ammunition to the shoulder. Always avoid a shoulder holster that would make your handgun fall during a confrontation. The cover top should be able to hold the gun and pull when required. Different retention designs are available in the market. Good retention could also serve as an advantage when you want to remove your weapon against your enemy or opponent.

  1. The price of the holster

You can get different shoulder holsters at a pocket-friendly price; all it requires is to make inquiries on the exact brand you want and place your demand. Furthermore, you can get the latest design of holster which is durable with fine leather, from the online market or nearest gun store in your community. Also, some brands offer flexible payment plans for their items; why not place an order today and conceal your gun from any sort of accident.


It is not an arduous task to get the right shoulder holster at a considerable price. Simply follow the above tips or seek the help of a professional when required. You can get your shoulder holster from an online gun store, and it would be dispatched to your location and check more best shoulder holster options from 57center.com .

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